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What's tkDerm touch?

tkDerm touch is a dermatological image database suitable for use by clinical dermatologists.
It runs on Apple's iPhone and iPad.
It lets you sync your dermatological photos and their metadata between the iPhone and iPad by iCloud.
On how to use it, refer to the tkDerm touch Documentation downloadable from the Documentation section below.

tkDerm touch was featured in the 2012 October issue and the Buyer's Guide 2013 of Dermatology World, which is the official magazine of the American Academy of Dermatology Association.

tkDerm_touch_for_iPhone Available on App Store

Taking pictures of patients is an essential part of dermatological practice.
Keeping clinical photos in an easily searchable and reusable state is a time-consuming task and
many dermatologists have been looking for a tool to store their photos in such a way as to support clinical practice efficiently.
tkDerm touch was created to fulfill the dermatogists' need.
It is software of the eating-your-own-dog-food type as it was developed by a dermatologist facing such a need every day.

Features of tkDerm touch include:

  1. You can choose iCloud or the local sandbox as the data and photo storage. Additionally, you can set up the server and use tkDerm touch as a client.
  2. You can use your favorite digital cameras in addition to the internal camera of the iPhone or iPad.
  3. It maps data to photos automatically based on the timestamps of digital photos.
  4. You can find photos you want rapidly by browsing data in alphabetical order of patients' names or diagnoses or in order by the time of shooting or accessing photos.
  5. You can find photos by the distribution of an eruption as a search key.
  6. It takes you less time to shoot photos for following up a patient by reusing the patient's data you saved at the previous visit.
  7. Enjoying the benefits of the handiness of the iPad, you can recognize a subtle change of an eruption from the previous visit by side_by_side comparison between a present eruption and the photo displayed on the device.
  8. Double-tapping a portion of a photo will enlarge it in such a way that the portion you tapped will be near the center of the enlarged image, which enables you to see details of an eruption easily.
  9. By pinching, you can change the size of photos being shown as you like.


tkDerm touch Documentation